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Gil Blutrich

President & CEO | Skyline International Developments

Gil Blutrich is the Chairman of the Mishorim Group in Israel and President of Skyline International Development in Canada. In 2003, the largest daily newspaper in Israel, Yediot Aharonot, nominated Mr. Blutrich as the new generation’s leader in Israeli Real Estate Industry. In October 2004, Mr. Blutrich won the prestigious Entrepreneur Of The Year award in Ontario in the annual competition organized by the international accounting firm Ernst & Young. From a very young age, Mr. Blutrich has excelled as a talented and innovative entrepreneur. At age 16 Mr. Blutrich funded his first business and became the youngest income-tax registered in Israel.
Mr. Blutrich served in the Israeli Air Force for a 3 year period and at age 23 he successfully completed his studies in Hotel Management.

From age 24 Mr. Blutrich has been active in Real Estate in Israel through his company Mishorim, established in 1989. In 1998 Mr. Blutrich brought his family to Toronto in order to expended Mishorim’s business to Canada and funded Skyline International Development Inc. Mr. Blutrich’s main objective in pursuing real estate developments in Canada was to diversify Mishorim’s portfolio. Throughout its initial 15 year of growth, Mr Blutrich had succeeded in driving Mishorim to outstanding achievements, with a growth of equity averaging at outstanding 33% per annum while showing continuous and steady net profits in each and every one of those years.

Mr. Blutrich is highly involved in non-profit organizations though his innate understanding that healthy businesses thrive in a healthy environment. In 1994, Mr. Blutrich founded the Israeli organization “Bright Future”, which encourage and support challenged and troubled youth into active business people in their societies. In Toronto, Mr. Blutrich is a director of “Ve’ahavta", a humanitarian non-profit organization that tends to the acute problem of the homeless in Toronto as well as other humanitarian problems in the world, including Africa and Israel. Recently Mr. Blutrich has been nominated as director of the Reel World Film Festival in Toronto, an organization that advocates and develops diversity in the Canadian society.

Mr. Blutrich vision, inspiration and unique real estate approach are a key for Skyline success, reputation and growth.