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Cindy Ady

Interim CEO | Tourism Calgary

During her long career as a home builder, a community advocate and a member of the Alberta Legislature, Cindy Ady has left an indelible mark on the landscape of this province.

Her leadership, tenacity and outstanding communication skills made possible a $1B state-of-the-art hospital and urgent care facility, $38M for the BMO Centre, $40M for a new agriculture centre, 11 schools, three seniors’ facilities, recreation facilities, hundreds of acres of new provincial parks and highways.

Premier Ralph Klein recognized her unique combination of skill, vision and work ethic he offered her a position on his Executive Council. He told her, “I need you because you are a leader who believes no is not an option.”

Cindy proudly served as Minister of Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation from 2008 to 2011.

Her notable achievements included securing stable funding for tourism development and promotion through a first-of-its-kind levy. She introduced a Crown Corporation governance model at Travel Alberta so it could function as a business, shift the brand and penetrate international markets. Cindy also established a vision and strategic plan for Alberta’s 500 parks and introduced Alberta’s first recreation strategy to address childhood obesity.

During her tenure, Cindy also chaired or sat on 16 committees and influenced major decisions in healthcare, education and the environment. She secured $9M for victims of crime and overhauled the province’s legislation for guardianship and trusteeship. Most recently, she was the Secretariat Chair for Critical Infrastructure and a member of the Cabinet Policy Committee on Energy, the Standing Committee on Energy and the Private Members Business Committee. She also spent many years as the province’s representative on the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Board.

Cindy chose not to run for office during the last election, looking to take on new challenges. As of April 30, 2013 Cindy has assumed the leadership of Tourism Calgary as Interim CEO. Cindy led the Tourism Calgary management team through the development of the 2014-2016 Strategic Plan, which has now shifted into the implementation phase. Backed by a philosophy that “we are more successful when we hunt in a pack”, Cindy is leading the organization’s stakeholder engagement initiatives to build community support for a unified destination marketing strategy.