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The mastermind behind contemporary hotel beauty products

 Quality-driven, innovative and close to our customers – these are the defining characteristics of Swisssol Inc. Creative Body Care. Many years of expertise combined with a  high level of creativity form the foundation of our business.

 Re:  Preserve the environment and your bottom line at the same time with Eco-friendly Press + Wash dispenser. ‘Going Green’ matters!

 We are a leading Ontario based supplier of bathroom amenities with strong focus on sustainability. Our tamper proof and drip free dispenser system Press + Wash using second generation recyclable material has revolutionized how hotels plan their eco/green strategy. The system is in use in Europe for over 10 years to great success.

 It offers an easy use, closed system that is completely green friendly with a 100% ecological focus on saving the environment. Press + Wash can save your company 30-35% on the consumption of standard toiletries through its patented drip free design and convenient use for guests!

 More information on our company can be found at www.swisssol.com