Roxanne Jessome
co-founder of Peg Moves

ROXANNE JESSOME co-founder of Peg Moves has been a prominent Executive Recruiter in the Hospitality industry since 2001.

Her story of a career in the industry is somewhat atypical. While studying at university in 1987, Roxanne began working in the nightclub and lounge sector of the hospitality industry to prevent becoming a “starving student”. She quickly realized that she had a natural affinity to the business of the hospitality industry and over the next six years, progressed from an entry-level position to management. Moving from Halifax to Vancouver in early 1993, Roxanne once again embarked upon her career and began working in fine dining restaurants and boutique hotels, learning both the operations and sales and marketing sides of the industry. Upon starting a family, Roxanne made a career shift and utilized all of her people management skills refined in the hospitality industry to work with disadvantaged people in British Columbia as a senior manager with the Legal Services Society.

After seven and a half years of non-profit work, Roxanne came back to her first love of hospitality. Recognizing that this industry was not being represented to its full potential from a candidate and client perspective, she decided to start an Executive Search Firm, McInnis Hutchison, focusing solely on the hospitality industry. This decision was met with resounding success and has quickly garnered much attention and accolades from the hospitality community. In 2006, McInnis Hutchison merged with Your Next Move to create one the largest and most prominent Hospitality Executive Search and Recruitment Firms in North America. Roxanne continues to drive the efforts of Peg Moves as a Managing Partner.


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