Gail Haarsma
Senior Vice President
FH Canada Research (Ottawa)

Gail Haarsma is Senior Vice President Research at the Ottawa office of FH Canada. She brings to the firm 26 years of communications and research experience in both the public and the private sector, with a strong background in communications, media relations, evaluation, and research. She has managed numerous large quantitative/qualitative research projects over the past 16 years on a variety of public and private sector issues.

Clients rely on FH Canada Research for Public Opinion Polling, Public Policy Research, Advanced Market Research, Employee/Client Satisfaction Research, Segmentation techniques, Communications Program Evaluation, Brand Auditing, and Creative and Advertising Pre and Post-testing.

Ms. Haarsma's in-depth and extensive knowledge of communications and research methodologies ensures that both the research design and reporting of results are realistic, reliable, and achievable. She understands the intricate role that research plays in the development of communications and evaluation agendas, strategies, and initiatives, which frequently have significant dollar values attached to them.

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