Bruce Morgan
Senior Tax Consultant           
Altus Group Tax Consulting Paralegal Professional Corporation
Altus Group

Altus Group

Bruce Morgan is a Senior Tax Consultant specializing in hospitality properties. He joined Altus (formerly Derbyshire Viceroy) in March 2004 after 20 years of hotel industry consulting in the areas of market/feasibility analysis, planning and development, operational reviews, appraisals and valuations with a specialized focus on hotel assessment and property taxation.

Bruce has extensive experience in portfolio management, has represented hotel owners in Manitoba, British Columbia and Alberta and has appeared as an expert witness before appeal tribunals in Ontario. He has successfully completed the Appraisal Institutes Course 800 (Separating Real and personal Property from Intangible Business Assets).

Bruce is a graduate of the University of Waterloo (Faculty of Environmental Studies) and has undergraduate (BES) and graduate degrees (MA) from Waterloo. He has also completed numerous courses on appraisal and property assessment offered by the Appraisal Institute of Canada and Institute of Municipal Assessors and is a Licensed Paralegal (Law Society of Upper Canada).

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