Jeneanne Rae

Co-Founder and President, Peer Insight LLC
Business Week Columnist

Jeneanne Rae is a nationally recognized thought leader on innovation management and design strategy. Business Week hailed Jeneanne as one of its "Magnificent Seven" gurus of innovation in its cover story on the creative corporation, then went on to name her one of its “Best Leaders of the Year” in 2005. She earned that reputation by blazing her own trail.

When her Harvard Business School classmates migrated directly to Wall Street and management consulting, Jeneanne followed her instincts into the world of innovation and design. She has spent sixteen years mastering the intricacies of design thinking, including seven years on the senior management team at IDEO.

Like all gurus, Jeneanne serves as a mentor and spiritual guide, especially to S&P 500 senior executives responsible for innovation and growth. Described as the “doyenne of service innovation,” she possesses a unique ability to help business leaders grasp lofty philosophical concepts and translate them into practical programs and measurable business results. To paraphrase a country song, she was coaching before coaching was cool.

Jeneanne serves as the compass for Peer Insight’s research programs, guiding its team into dimly-lit corners such as how brand values play in the innovation equation, or how IT strategies are the backbone for new service growth platforms. When the research bears fruit, she messages her company’s findings to the outside world. The live audience members that have listened to her in the past year alone exceed 3,000 people, and her columns in Business Week online have drawn responses from readers on four continents. Reviews from a recent conference rated her as “the most enlightening, empowering, and entertaining speaker on the program.”

Jeneanne shares her wisdom with young business disciples at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, where she is an adjunct professor in the MBA program. Her course on New Product and Service Development is one of the few MBA classes that teach design methods and thinking to business students. She lives in Georgetown (Washington, DC) with her husband and twin sons.

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