Rob Kadlovski

Nicholby's Formula + Location = Success

Nicholby's® has been operating convenience retail businesses in Canada for over 25-years. The company is recognized as being a franchising enterprise pathfinder that has earned recognition from the retail community for the standards it has established and the success it has earned.

Nicholby's continues to grow with it's finely tuned brand formula operating from carefully selected locations that provide outstanding customer satisfaction, brand recognition and loyalty.

Rob Kadlovski is the visionary founder and leader of Nicholby's. A child of immigrant Canadians who arrived in Canada in 1961 and started as many did, from scratch, Rob learned retailing from the ground up at his parents' Toronto variety store. It was an entrepreneurial venture built on long hours, hard work and a determination to succeed.

While attending school, Rob contributed to the family business and after-hours, he soon learned the physical and mental demands of building a successful retail business from in-store merchandising; to keeping the store clean from front to back; to eventually managing the details of sales and ordering inventory; and of course serving customers, smiling and listening. The experience has never been forgotten.

After attending the University of Toronto, Rob ventured into the real estate industry selling land and residential properties and learned even more about how people, location and process, impact on successful sales. But the entrepreneurial yearning to build a retail venture of a chain of stores was so strong that in 1980 he opened his first location at the Holiday Inn Gift Shop in Oshawa, Ontario.

The chain grew over the next 16-years with corporate stores, during which time Rob evolved his vision to build the Nicholby's brand and make it a household name but through a franchise system. And that unique franchise system would help other people fulfill their dreams and become a win-win formula for success.

The next two years put the dream into reality. A dedicated team came together to forge the strategies, solutions and critical operating procedures. The systems foundations were built to manage the day-to-day demands and accommodate expansionary growth and of course market driven changes in demographics and demand.

From these roots and the solid foundation of principles and operational processes, the Nicholby's brand today is widely recognized by the consistent standards and imagery of every aspect of our business.

To us, there is nothing more important than a satisfied customer who keeps shopping with us - and tells their friends.

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