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Ash Taneja

President | Palm Holdings

Mr. Taneja started Palm Holdings in 1980 through an acquisition of a UK based travel agency. The travel agency, named First Option, grew to become a primary form of hotel bookings for a variety of corporate clients and transient travellers in the United Kingdom, India, US and other countries. Through having a sales focused base in hospitality Mr. Taneja followed his fathers footsteps who managed rooming houses in Africa and London. He opened his first large hotel in the mid 80’s in central London. After several hotel ventures across London, he grew into the Edinburgh market upgrading hotels throughout the city. Through further expansion, Mr. Taneja grew the business through buying and selling numerous hotels in the United Kingdom, then in India, and now in Canada. Currently within Palm Holdings Mr. Taneja chairs their existing group of hotels in the UK, and Canada, office buildings, land holdings in India, a retail booking agency, as well as several other real estate investments. The group is continuing to grow into the US and further in Canada over the next few years.