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Jim Dunn

President | Stack Modular - a Bird Partnership

Jim Dunn, President and founder of Stack Modular, was born and raised outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. At a young age he eagerly ventured outside the borders of Alberta and found himself living in Saskatchewan, Pennsylvania, California, and Africa. His global travels, subsequent university degrees in Civil Engineering & Architecture, and professional career as an engineer all contributed to his eventual arrival into China. As a professional engineer Mr. Dunn oversaw over 1 billion USD of new construction ranging from commercial office towers, high-end Los Angeles condominiums and University buildings. Recognizing an opportunity to deliver modular buildings globally, Mr. Dunn took his experience and passion to China.

It was in Shanghai, China where Mr. Dunn created one of the first Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOE) owned solely by a Canadian. After having created Stack Modular, Mr. Dunn went on to hire architects, engineers, and project managers from Canada, USA, and China to oversee the procurement, quality, and delivery of modular buildings to the rest of the world. Mr. Dunn now splits his time between Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Calgary with his primary focus dedicated to the further expansion and development of Stack.