GE Capital is a franchise finance leader in the North American restaurant industry. As founding sponsor of the US-based Restaurant Leadership Conference, GE Capital has taken a prime role in bringing together the North American restaurant investment industry. Recognizing the need for a “made-in-Canada” event, GE Capital became a founding producer of the Canadian Restaurant Investment Summit—an annual investment and economic conference designed to provide the resources, knowledge and vision to help make better investment decisions. 

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Glenn Young

President & Chief Executive Officer | Nutrition Group Inc.

Mr. Glenn Young is President, Chief Executive Officer, Director of Liquid Nutrition Group Inc. He has been President and CEO of Liquid Nutrition Since January 1, 2011; prior thereto the Senior Vice- President, Sports, Entertainment and Media of International Management Group Canada. In this capacity Mr. Young is responsible for the execution of the strategic plan of Liquid Nutrition, as well as implementing the decisions, guidelines and policies of the board of directors. Mr. Young's principal occupation during the last five years has been serving as the President of Liquid Nutrition since June 2010. Prior thereto, Mr. Young was the Senior Vice-President, Sports, Entertainment and Media for International Management Group Canada. Mr. Young has experience in the sales and marketing industry.

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