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Robert Carter

Executive Director | The NPD Group

Robert Carter is a dynamic speaker with a passion for tracking trends and consumer behavior in the foodservice industry. A foodservice veteran of 20 years, Robert is an industry opinion leader frequently quoted in major newspapers and magazines.

As an Executive Director with The NPD Group, Robert provides key insights and strategy on consumer behaviour in the foodservice market, guiding Canadian, U.S. and global foodservice manufacturers and operator business decisions. During his six years at NPD, Robert has achieved NPD’s Client Satisfaction Hall of Fame.

Not shy of controversy and demonstrating his strong advocacy for the Canadian foodservice industry, a question he put to former U.S. President George Bush at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago made headlines and was broadcast on CNN.

When not monitoring consumer behaviour, he has become a dedicated foodie, sampling the delights of new restaurants performing what he calls “market research with a sample of one.”




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