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Donna Dooher

President and CEO | Restaurants Canada

A chef, avid entrepreneur and community leader, Donna Dooher is an integral part of Canada’s culinary scene. With an exciting 30 years in foodservice, Donna is a celebrated chef, restaurateur, cookbook author and now, President & CEO of Canada’s largest Hospitality and Foodservice Industry association, Restaurants Canada.

Donna’s career began in Ottawa in culinary school, where her love and passion for food grew. From there she went on to found and manage iconic Toronto restaurants, Mildred Pierce (now closed) and Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. She went on to publish the Cuisine Canada’s award-winning Out to Brunch with Mildred Pierce cookbook and a worldwide syndicated Food Network show, The Cookworks.

"Having been a food service operator myself for more than 25 years I know first-hand the demands restaurant owners face," says Donna. "Providing exceptional customer experiences are not enough to keep a business profitable and sustainable. That's why I'm proud to be part of Restaurants Canada – an organization that provides important support to make things a bit easier for foodservice business owners who have so much on their plate."

Representing 30,000 restaurants, bars, caterers and other foodservice providers, Restaurants Canada (formerly Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice Association - CRFA) speaks for an industry that generates more than $70 billion a year in economic activity and employs 1.2 million Canadians. The restaurant industry is the country’s No. 1 source of first-time jobs and on-the-job training for young people.

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