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David Seabrook

Co-Founder | Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival

David Seabrook uniquely sees tourism event marketing from both sides. In his busy volunteer life, he is co-founder and communications/marketing director for the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival. The 21-year old event is Atlantic Canada’s largest annual music festival and Fredericton’s biggest tourism draw. In his professional life, he is Manager of Fredericton Tourism, the DMO for New Brunswick’s capital city, and is the current President of the Destination Marketing Association of Canada. David also serves as the New Brunswick tourism industry representative on the Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership Marketing Committee and is a founding executive member of the newly created St. John River Heritage Corridor, a marketing and product development initiative aimed at raising destination awareness for one of Canada’s great river regions. He is also the owner of WaterPlanet Tourism & Events Consulting, specializing in tourism event strategic development. Prior to joining the tourism industry in 2000, he was a journalist with CBC Radio.

David has been a lifelong avid traveler if he’s not answering email, you’ll most likely find him with a dusty backpack waterfall hunting in southern Laos, teahouse trekking amongst the Tibetan monasteries of the Annapurna Himalaya, diving coral reefs in Thailand’s Andaman Sea or motorcycling the back roads of Mexico in search of lost Mayan pyramids.

David Seabrook


Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival