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Jeremy Dean

Corporate Director of Revenue Management | Airline Hotels & Resorts

Jeremy Dean is the Corporate Director of Revenue Management for Airline Hotels and Resorts Ltd. In 2006, Jeremy joined Airline to focus on refining their dynamic revenue management program. Regarded as one of their greatest competitive advantages, Airline’s revenue management program has fostered tremendous success evidenced in the 108.3% RevPAR index posted company-wide for fiscal 2009 – a 5.8% growth from the prior year. This was a byproduct of Jeremy’s diligent focus and leading edge approach to the discipline of Revenue Management.

Through Jeremy’s post secondary education at the University of Saskatchewan in Business Economics, he went on to become a rare Canadian graduate of Hilton Worldwide’s revenue management university. In addition, Jeremy’s extensive 12 years of operational experience in the hospitality industry adds a rare clarity to his recommendations and implementation. Jeremy’s collaborative nature and the consistency and integrity brought by his thoroughness are what have earned him the high level of respect that his colleagues and peers hold for him.

Airline is a multi-generational, prairie-based, full-service-focused hotel management company which leads in the mid-market and is guided at all time by ethics and values. Airline is recognized as one of Saskatchewan’s top 20 employers, a finalist for the top 100 employers in Canada a winner of multiple Business excellence awards and a preferred brand management company for Starwood Hotels Worldwide. Most recently, the company’s President, Betty Anne Latrace-Henderson was awarded as the top woman entrepreneur in Canada by Profit 100 Magazine.

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Jeremy Dean

Corporate Director of Revenue Management