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Mark S. Heymann

Chairman/CEO | Unifocus

Mark Heymann is one of the founding partners of UniFocus, having more than 20 years of expertise in the hospitality and service industry. Previously, Mark was the founder and president of the Heymann Group, Inc. (HGI), a Colorado-based consulting and asset advisory company. After fifteen years of successfully serving its clients within the hospitality industry, HGI merged with Strategic Quantitative Solutions (SQS), creating UniFocus, one of the largest performance management firms in the service industry.

HGI developed Watson R.M.™, a resource and labor management software program. It remains one of UniFocus’ key resources in helping its clients efficiently manage its resources to generate a significant return on investment. During Mark’s tenure, HGI gained the reputation for delivering bottom-line results to its clients, which included Xanterra Resorts, Colonial Williamsburg, Omni Hotels, Orient Express Hotels, Loews Hotels and a variety of owners and lenders.

Using his expertise in such areas as staff planning, strategic planning, managerial performance and measurement systems, Mark has published articles in Hospitality Lodging, Hotel & Motel Management, the Bottom Line and Lodging Hospitality. In addition, he has been a guest speaker at a variety of conferences including McGladrey, Hendrickson & Pullen Annual MAS Conference, IAHA of Colorado and the International Society of Hospitality Consultants.

Mark received a bachelor of arts in economics from Brown University and a masters of science in business from Columbia University.

Mark S. Heymann