Jason Sarracini

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Jason Sarracini

Vice President and General Manager | Travelzoo

Jason Sarracini was born with the travel bug and continues to be inspired by an industry he loves.

His grandfather started one of the first ethnic travel agencies in Toronto. At age nine he was on a bus to Boston with his school choir. At age 21 he was living in Florence where he met his wife. Together they have travelled the world from Bangkok to Bermuda.

Jason has been fortunate to see most sides of the travel industry in Canada: retail, commerce, wholesale and media. 

In 2004, Jason founded TargetVacations.ca and over an eight-year period led the OTA through various stages of growth. Beginning in 2011, Jason partnered with one of the largest media companies in Canada to offer limited-time, exclusive product to the Canadian traveller. The tremendous success of this project led to the acquisition of TargetVacations.ca by Torstar Digital in 2012, a division of Torstar Corporation.

After an amazing 15-months at Torstar, Jason reconnected with Travelzoo where he is now the Vice President and General Manager for Travelzoo Canada, a leading publisher of travel deals to over 90-million travellers globally.