Ted Langschmidt

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Ted Langschmidt

President | Qi Value Systems

An internationally acclaimed marketing strategist and presenter, Ted is a graduate of Nottingham University in England and the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. To date, he has conducted over 2000 client-specific research projects. In a career spanning four decades, Teddy worked as President and Head of New Product Development at Hotspex, as well he has held positions such as Director of Media with global advertising agencies McCann Erickson and Grey Advertising; VP of Creative and Research Solutions at IPSOS Interactive Development; VP of Market Research Africa (owned by A.C. Nielsen); Founding Director of the Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing at the University of Cape Town, and CEO of Integrated Marketing Information Ltd.

He is the author of several books and research publications including the award winning "Consumerscope" and "The Decision-Maker's Encyclopaedia."

Ted is currently the CEO of Qi Value Systems, which is an emotional science and Value Systems consultancy.

Ted Langschmidt