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Tammy Gillis

President | Gillis Consulting & Training Inc.

Tammy Gillis is the principal owner of Gillis Consulting & Training Inc. which provides customized sales training solutions designed to increase the sales performance of hospitality professionals. Tammy started her sales career over 20 years ago with Hilton Hotels where she spent 10 years in various sales leadership roles. Tammy also spent seven years at BlackBerry managing their Global Sales Training strategy and built a global training team that enabled partners to effectively sell the BlackBerry solution in over 100 countries and 10 languages. She has not forgotten what it is like to be in the trenches and stays relevant in this fast paced and competitive industry.

Tammy is an accomplished sales professional, coach and facilitator who has trained thousands of sales professionals, hotel owners, general managers and front line associates. She has a passion for improving not only the skill set but also the mindset of sales professionals in this digital age from order takers to highly valuable solution providers. Tammy’s engaging and genuine approach helps her clients break ineffective sales behaviors to become trusted advisors with a client centric approach to selling that drives results and differentiates them from the competition.