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David Allison

Marketing Expert, Author & Pioneer of Valuegraphics

For more than three decades, David has been working with mass-market audiences and helping his clients stay one-step-ahead of the curve. His research on how & why people are motivated to make decisions helps his clients outperform their competition.  From automobiles to orchestras, from technology to hotels, and from condominiums to entire communities, David shows us how to activate people while the world continues to swirl with change around us.

David’s latest and most-ambitious research project has led to the discovery of a new way to define target audiences that is up to 700% more accurate than the tools most commonly used today.  His data from 40,000 surveys across North America has revealed that age, income, and gender do not accurately predict behaviour the way they did in the past. Instead, his new method for motivating a defined audience is based on what different people truly care about the most. This discovery will change marketing, planning, design and culture for decades to come.

David speaks passionately about the reinvention of contemporary life, and how consumers are changing as a result. He connects the dots to help organizations create products and campaigns for this new era. His insights help all market sectors as they face a very different world ahead.

With his team at DAVID ALLISON INC, he is a trusted advisor to complex organizations around the world, but his leadership background gives him an added perspective.

He launched, and ten years later sold, an award-winning marketing-communications firm, with clients throughout Canada, the United States, Central America and the Caribbean. He was VP Marketing for a recreational property/resort marketing firm with 117 offices around the globe, and VP Marketing for a luxury brand with operations in cities across Canada. He has served as a director of the Urban Development Institute, the Contemporary Art Gallery, and the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

Moreover, he is entertaining. He is a motivation expert after all, and knows how to make his subject matter fun and easy-to-understand. People leave his presentations eager to implement new ideas and insights. He is an accomplished keynote speaker at conferences across the country. David has lectured at SFU, UBC, and BCIT, and taught a full-slate of undergraduate and graduate marketing courses at the University of Calgary School of Business.

Over his decades working with organizations around the world, he has won many accolades and awards, and written three books on various market-motivation techniques. David was one of the first to recognize how social media would change the relationship between consumers and companies, and published Sell the Truth, his first book, to help marketers gain an early-advantage.