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Economists, Futurists, and CEO’s Take Centre Stage at Lodging & Investment Conference.

Vancouver... The next Western Canadian Hotel Resort Investment Conference, scheduled for October 12 and 13 at Vancouver’s Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel, is shaping up as an event that will deliver hard-hitting insight, candid industry headliners, and plenty of straight talk.

With business as its focus, the event will feature presentations on some of the sector’s hottest topics as well as a look at the future as seen through the eyes of an economist, a demographic futurist and a select panel of industry leaders. Resort and lodging executives as well as those targeting the industry for investment will get a close-up look at the opportunities, the challenges and the trends that will shape the year ahead.

With the recent upheaval in the Euro zone and wildly fluctuating markets, Senior Economist Todd Hirsch of ATB Financial, will undoubtedly be a draw as will the real dollar and cents presentations that focus on the Performance and Transaction Updates for both Resort and Urban.

“Content for the conference has been tailor-made for C-level executives, CEO’s and serious investors”, says Betsy MacDonald, Managing Director of Vancouver-based HVS, one of the event’s key sponsors. “The two Leadership Panels with people like Jake Chalmers, Brad Pelletier and Michael Coyle - the man who invented new ways of marketing resort real estate - are presentations I think no one will want to miss, and Andrew Ramlo of the Urban Futures Institute is a speaker that has fascinating data on how buyer preferences can have a huge impact on the future of an industry.”

Additional sessions include Resort Real Estate - Consumer Trends Emerging From The Economic Crisis, What’s My Resort Worth, Hotel Branding and Technology & Social Media Innovations in Hotel Operations. Others are being added to the roster as the conference date approaches.

Event producers have organized breakout sessions into Resort and Hotel streams to make it easy for attendees to quickly identify sessions that may be of special interest and both days feature business lunches and coffee breaks that deliver plenty of networking time. An opening reception for all attendees kicks off the event on Wednesday, October 12 .

Attendees can register online and view a full lineup at the event web site

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