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Canadian Hotel Investment Conference

Since 1997, the Canadian Hotel Investment Conference (CHIC) has established itself as the definitive source of information, insight and opinion on today’s Canadian lodging market. For senior executives from across North America, this business conference delivers exclusive and exceptional insights into where the industry is today and where it is heading. This conference provides an optimal environment to network, learn from and speak with some of the most important leaders and experts in the Canadian lodging industry.


CHIC provides a unique opportunity to join 550 industry professionals from across the country to discuss the future of the Canadian hotel industry. Hotel owners, developers, and “C-Level” (COO, CEO, CFO, CIO) executives from all hotel brands are in attendance including designers, architects, consultants, legal advisors and lenders who partake in the 1.5 day program.

Open to all attendees, conference delegates include:

  • All corporate-branded hotel companies (Hilton, Marriott, IHG, etc.)

  • Hotel owners and investors

  • Professional suppliers to the industry (legal, finance, design, construction)

Audience Size: 550


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