Education Partners

  • George Brown College
  • Mount Saint Vincent University
  • University of Calgary
  • Guelph
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • University of Victoria
  • #hotelNEXT

For over 20 years, a portion of the proceeds from the Canadian Hotel Investment Conference are donated to the Canadian hospitality and tourism education programs to promote our long term commitment to education and well trained hospitality industry professionals. Click on the school logos above to find out more information about our scholarships and support initiatives.

Orie Berlasso
Managing Director
Big Picture Conferences


Canadian Restaurant Investment Summit Gives Back

For over 7 years, proceeds of the Canadian Restaurant Investment Summit were donated to a chosen charity based on the suggestion of our speakers.
Past recipients include:

  • Chairman Tom’s Annual Grouse Grind Event in support for the Vancouver General Hospital/UBC Hospital Foundation in support of MS Research,
  • ALS Society of BC and Canadian Cancer Society, St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation of Vancouver, on behalf of Paul Hollands, President & CEO of A&W Food Services of Canada Inc.,
  • Cause We Care Foundation, on behalf of Tom Gaglardi, President of Northland Properties,
  • The Keg Spirit Foundation, on behalf of David Aisenstat, President of The Keg
  • Montreal Youth Centre Foundation, on behalf of Patrick Palerme, former President & CEO of GE Capital Canada.

Big Picture Conferences works with education partners to build a strong future for our industry.


#hotelNEXT is a nationwide student competition where aspiring young developers pitch their recommendations for a hotel renovation to a panel of Canadian investors and hotel owners in front of a live audience at the Canadian Hotel Investment Conference.

Using the case study approach, the top 3 teams will have 10 minutes to present a financially viable business case and convince the panel, that their project should be the next Canadian hotel in development.  First place winning team receives $5000 cash, second place $3000 and third place $2000.

  • David Anderson
  • Colleen Black
  • Kandra Cassar
  • Graham Clark
  • Heather Dare Giraud
  • Nora Demiri
  • Jillian Doyle
  • Kayla Harvard
  • Sukoon Hirani
  • Samantha Hives
  • Alexandr Holtzman
  • Olessia Kouzina
  • William Kresky
  • Queenie Lai
  • Karen Lailvaux
  • Aaron Laurie
  • Willam Laurie
  • Judy Lu
  • Shinichi Maeda
  • Rania Maroun
  • Tamara McIntosh
  • Robin McLuskie
  • Sarah O’Connor
  • Mariah Paterson
  • Kelsey Perra
  • Sarah Potvin
  • Harry Prosser
  • Wendy Schofield
  • Evanageline Sing
  • Vince Smit
  • Olivia Spadafora
  • Mark Sparrow
  • Samantha Sturzenbecher- Chan
  • Sarah Symmes
  • Madhavi Tanortra
  • Erin Harrington
  • Hannah Cantafio
  • Yunqing (Queenie) Guan
  • Laura Williams
  • Amber Douel
  • Tamika Rodney
  • Yolande Asamoah
  • Nicole Collaton
  • Andy Tran
  • Michelle Chou
  • Brittany Lee
  • Phil Smith
  • Christian Cross
  • Scott Forler
  • Laurence Bolduc
  • Felix-Emmanuel Cormier
  • Jacob Papillon
  • Larisa Koshkina
  • Richard Howard
  • Amy Myatt
  • Lauren Snider
  • Adriana Ovalle
  • Dinh Tri Vu
  • Thi Anh Hong Duong
  • Sara Mofford
  • Hameed Mohamed
  • Sohee Park
  • Dulendra Sonnadara
  • Sahad Kassam
  • Shannon Bahr
  • Erica Huang
  • Hannah Fregin
  • Krystal Chen