Big Picture Conferences Scholarship

This scholarship is available to students in the Food and Beverage Management Program, Hotel Management Program, Tourism and Hospitality Management Program, Special Event Management Program, or Bachelor of Applied Business (Hospitality Operations Management) in any year of study at George Brown College. This scholarship is awarded to a student with the highest GPA.

  • It's been quite an interesting & challenging journey for me, I've worked hard & getting this award justifies my efforts.... Thank you for recognizing that & thank you for supporting students! What you do is so immensely important & admirable.
    Larisa KoshkinaStudent, George Brown College
  • Nora Demiri
  • Olivia Spadafora
  • Larisa Koshkina
  • Richard Howard
  • Dinh Tri Vu
  • Thi Anh Hong Duong