Big Picture Conferences has been a donor of Ryerson’s Hospitality & Tourism educational program since 1998.

These donations have been put towards:

  • Student engagement and development
  • Program Development
  • Faculty Development
  • School and building development
  • Research
  • Refurbishing of research institute computers
  • Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance
  • OHI Gold Awards Dinner
  • Hospitality case competition
  • Canadian Hospitality Foundation Ball
  • Awards ceremonies
  • Responsible Travel & Tourism Webinar series
  • Scholarships
    • Canadian Industry Icon Scholarship
    • Hotel Industry Entrepreneur Scholarship
    • TTRA Canada Conference Scholarship

Canadian Hotel Investment Conference Entrance Award

One of the primary components of the annual donation from the Canadian Hotel Investment Conference to the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management within Ryerson University is the Canadian Hotel Investment Conference Entrance Award.  Every year this award is presented to a student entering the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality & Tourism Management.  The award recipients are selected and rewarded based on their academic accomplishments, extracurricular involvement, volunteer and work experience and demonstrated financial need.

Proceeds are also directed towards sponsoring yearly occasions such as International Women’s Day and World Tourism Day, student-run conferences, Industry Association Memberships, Faculty Conference Registrations/Travel Expenses and Conference Sponsorship.

  • Thanks to CHIC and Big Picture who are able to make such positive impacts through scholarships for both myself and fellow HTM students at Ryerson.
    Abbigale McCartyStudent, Ryerson University
  • We wish to express our appreciation to the Canadian Hotel Investment Conference for their on going support and dedication to student success.
    Dr. David MartinDirector, Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management Ryerson University
  • Laiqa Lalani
  • Cheryl Smith
  • Michelle Vuong
  • Abbigale McCarty
  • David Anderson
  • Kandra Cassar
  • Graham Clark
  • Heather Dare Giraud
  • Jillian Doyle
  • Kayla Harvard
  • Sukoon Hirani
  • Samantha Hives
  • Alexandr Holtzman
  • Olessia Kouzina
  • William Kresky
  • Karen Lailvaux
  • Judy Lu
  • Shinichi Maeda
  • Rania Maroun
  • Tamara McIntosh
  • Robin McLuskie
  • Mariah Paterson
  • Sarah Potvin
  • Harry Prosser
  • Wendy Schofield
  • Vince Smit
  • Mark Sparrow
  • Samantha Sturzenbecher- Chan
  • Sarah Symmes
  • Madhavi Tanortra
  • Nicole Collaton
  • Andy Tran