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One industry. One voice. The Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) Conference is the largest gathering of industry professionals in the country, with networking opportunities, keynote speakers, and meaningful, topical panels from industry representatives and breakout sessions. Also part of the conference is the Hotel Association of Canada's Awards of Excellence Program, which was developed in 2004 with the purpose of recognizing those of its members (individuals, companies, properties) who have demonstrated significant accomplishments, exemplary leadership and tireless commitment to Canada's lodging industry. 

Big Picture Conferences (BPC) is a strategic business partner for the Hotel Association of Canada, producing the annual event since 2007. BPC develops program content, organizes quality speakers, coordinates marketing services while managing venue arrangements, registrations, finances and provides sales and logistic support for sponsorship sales.


Join the growing number of delegates who benefit from interactive sessions and timely insights into operational trends and activities. This is a unique opportunity for Hotel Corporate Management, Regional and General Hotel Managers, Hotel Owners/Investors, Directors of Operations, Industry Suppliers, and Educators to gain a better perspective on the potential of this rapidly evolving industry.

Open to members and non-members of HAC, conference delegates include:

  • All corporate-branded hotel companies (Hilton, Marriott, IHG, etc.)

  • Provincial and Territorial Hotel Associations

  • Allied Members (suppliers to the industry)

  • Educator and Student Members

Audience Size: 400


The Hotel Association of Canada’s Awards of Excellence was developed for the purpose of recognizing members who demonstrate significant accomplishments, exemplary leadership and tireless commitment to Canada’s lodging industry.

Awards are presented annually to HAC members in the following categories:

The Humanitarian Award: The purpose of this award is to recognize those working in or who are affiliated with Canada’s lodging industry who demonstrate dedication and responsiveness to the needs of the local, national and/or global community.

The Human Resources Award: Given for programs/individuals that develop a climate conducive to new and/or repeat business, create goodwill among guests, provide special services, reverse negative public relations situations or effectively solve guest complaints.

The Green Key Environment Award: Recognizes lodging properties that have developed a culture towards integrating environmental management practices that improve everyday operations and the bottom line, while maintaining quality service and meeting guest expectations.

Aspiring Hotelier Award: This award will be presented to the individual that has, of their own accord, made an outstanding contribution of leadership, service and exemplary professionalism.

HVS Most Impressive Hotel Repositioning Award: Faced with ever-changing market demands, hotel teams have turned to repositioning as a way to improve operational and financial performance. Awarded to a hotel owner, management company or General Manager who undertakes a major renovation, re-branding, or hotel transformation that capitalizes on the dynamics of a market.

Revenue Performance Team of the Year Award: At a time where internet distribution is at an all-time high, hotel yield and revenue management is changing so rapidly that it is difficult to balance the immediate needs of the business with the long-term positioning of the hotel. Awarded to the hotel revenue team who are all working together to produce exceptional revenue results.


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